How to choose a right dog/breed

Love for dogs or any other living creature is not enough to jump to a decision that yes, I should get one in my home. The decision of adopting a dog should be made very carefully. Dog adoption is not only going to impact your life but also the life of that dog. The decision of adopting a dog should be given the same importance as we give while deciding about our life partner or adopting a child.

German Shephered Playing Time

Below are the few things which will help you in deciding while a dog adoption

Evaluate and match your energy level with the dog

Most probably, people adopt a dog based on its look rather than based on their nature/behavior. Even we committed the same mistake. We wanted a family dog and so we narrowed down our search to German Shepherd breed. But, my sister picked the puppy who was full of energy and very active and when we bought that puppy home it was a nightmare to train that puppy. It was just impossible for any of us to match his energy levels. We felt many times that we did the mistake of bringing that puppy home. So, it’s extremely important to assess your own energy level first. If you are the kind of person who loves to wake up early morning and go for jogging then you should select a high energy dog. As energy conflicts can develop behavior issues.



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